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big kahuna adventures maui

Big Kahuna Adventures

Surf and Paddleboard Lessons
Maui, Hawaii

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Welcome to Maui’s top-rated surf school where the rolling waves of Maui, beckon you to embark on a thrilling journey.

Explore Exciting Activities at Big Kahuna Adventures

About Us

Big Kahuna Adventures is Maui’s original surf school which is family owned and operated for the best personal attention to our guests.

Big Kahuna is so much more than just a surf school, we teach many surf styles and ocean sports, and we have an awesome selection of activities and adventures for your family to enjoy.

We carry everything you’ll need for a day at the beach. From paddleboard lessons to surfing classes, and gear rentals, we offer something for everyone at Big Kahuna Adventures.

Our Reviews

Surfing with the turtles!

Our surfing instructor couldn’t have been more likable. He took time with each person in our small group, assuring that everyone had the time of their lives. There were even families of turtles that joined in the fun. Big Kahuna has a heart, too! They frequently work with “Make-a-Wish,” so you know that they are there for the love, too.

– 28Engine via TripAdvisor
big kahuna adventures maui
Big Kahuna Adventures Maui delivers!

WOW! Just book it, don't overthink it. My husband and I booked a surf lesson and this was hands down the best part of our vacation. Our patient and excellent instructor was so very positive. Good vibes! We both left the lesson feeling like pros! Another plus was that John took some amazing pictures of our experience and he was also a cheer leader during our session. Thank you for the memories:)

– Diana M. via TripAdvisor
big kahuna adventures maui
Amazing experience for a big family of first timers

We loved our experience with Big Kahuna. They were great to deal with from setting the appointment up to the lesson itself. They seem to genuinely care about everyone having an amazing experience.

– Andrea M. via TripAdvisor
big kahuna adventures maui
Great instructor and photographer

Thadeous was an awesome instructor!! My kids took lessons a few days earlier in Lahaina and liked this place better. Also, the nice young lady taking pictures of the kids did a phenomenal job! She got in the water and took some amazing photos. I bought pictures at the last place in Lahaina but they took the pictures from the shore, where as these pictures were taken with a photographer in the water-hers were 100x better quality. Definitely buy pictures taken by her!!

– Datty G. via TripAdvisor
big kahuna adventures maui
Amazing experience

We had an awesome time learning to surf with Todio. He was so helpful and positive. Lucia took amazing pictures which we will enjoy for many years to come in remembering our time here. This was definitely a highlight of our trip!

– Kellie Y. via TripAdvsior
big kahuna adventures maui
Fabulous Patient Instruction

Patient, supportive one-on-one instruction for my private lesson. I’m not young and I’m not the most coordinated person and I was a bit scared. No worries. I was surfing within 30 minutes thanks to my amazing teacher.

– Karen Q. via TripAdvisor
big kahuna adventures maui
Wonderful surf lesson

Our family had a private surf lesson with Rory on New Year’s Eve. We had an excellent experience. Rory took time to work with each person and help them progress. Thank you for the amazing time.

– MC8102 via TripAdvisor
big kahuna adventures maui

Our instructor, was totally awesome! Super positive, helpful, funny, knowledgeable and was very encouraging to my 6 year old on his first surf ever! My son got up every time with his help! The spot was perfect for kids and adults because of the shallow water and forgiving waves. Also we enjoyed the benefits of seeing Turtles almost everywhere we looked! What a day and can’t wait to do it again with my even younger son next time!

– James R. via TripAdvisor